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Early 19th Century Optical Viewers


Praxinoscope viewer

Zograscope viewer

Laterna Magica

Magic Lantern Projectors



                                             from the Thom Hindle pre-cinema Collection

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“The Original Selfie”


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DOVER FILM COMPANY Dover, New Hampshire

COLLECTION Dover Film.j 4x6_resizeDover Film letterhead 2x8
In the late 1940s, located in the lower Sawyer Woolen Mill factory on lower Mill Street, was a company owned by the MARK BROTHERS, Isadore and Benjamin, part owners in the Keystone Manufacturing Co. in Boston.  After WW II they begain producing roll film for medium format cameras and eventually smaller format 35mm film labeled as DOVER FILM. Even 16mm movie film became part of the inventory and shorts of Tom Mix, Charlie Chaplin, Little Rascals and children’s cartoons were released in coloful Dover Film packaging. These were from the Keystone Toy Company selling hand crank toy projectors. A company producing a Direct Positive Camera (Speed O Matic) failed and the Dover company purchased the molds and began producing a 620 roll film camera that produced 16 4.5 x 6cm images. The camera is equipped with a yellow filter for black & white scenics and a portrait filter mounted on the front. Camera instructions and exposure information was printed on a metal plate attached to the back of the camera. The lens has a built in rotary disc with five openings (f/stops) and the shutter is a single speed. Flash bulbs were used with a flash attachment built onto the camera with a removable reflector. The camera was packaged in a cardboard box with a colorful label attached to the front.                                                                                                                                                Dover Film box

DOVER FILM 120 4x5Dover Film was available in several meduim format sizes and 35mm for the smaller format cameras such as Leica, Contact and Kodak’s .        DOVER FILM 35mm


Items featured are from the Thom Hindle Collection..images may not be reproduced without permission.

 MARKs BROS sign

                             original sign from Dover factory and film counter displays

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THOM HINDLE glass negative COLLECTION featured

THOM HINDLE glass negative COLLECTION was featured in the March 2011 issue of “SNAPSHOTS” the Photographic Historical Society of New England’s monthly newsletter. Thom is a charter member of one of the oldest camera collector groups in the world.

items featured are from the Thom Hindle Photographica Collection.  Images may not be reproduced without permission.

salt & pepper sets





wind-up camera toys

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A selection of VALENTINE cards dating from the early 1900s to include 1940s – 50s school Valentine’s Day cards…all having a CAMERA/PHOTOGRAPHER theme from the Thom Hindle PHOTOGRAPHICA collection are on display through Februaury 28, 2011 at the CHILDREN’s MUSEUM of New Hampshire in Dover, N.H.

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